January dive at Whytecliff

On January 9th, Jen, Todd and I braved the rain and wind and went for a dive at Whytecliff. Despite the weather warnings, the rain and wind held off for the most part and the seas were relatively calm. Very shortly after we got in the water a seal joined us and stayed on as our fourth buddy for the rest of our time in the water. Jen and I both had our cameras and ...

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Crater Lake

I was in Portland Oregon last weekend (Fri. Sept. 25, 2009 to Sun. Sept. 27, 2009) and then drove to Crater Lake National Park, in southern Oregon, on Sunday. It cost $10.00 US to enter the park. I drove to the only parking lot which has a trail to the shoreline. It took about 15 minutes to walk down to the lake. The lake was warm enough that I could swim in it, however ...

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My first dive of the season: Roche Lake in October?!

The summer was fresh and laid out before me, but alas, on July 5th I went to the rockclimbing gym and got in maybe 4 bouldering routes to warm up and ended up rolling my ankle on a bad landing. I was off my foot for the most part of that month, and lost 75% of my ankle strength and flexibility for the rest of the summer.

Off work, all that spare time and I ...

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Strathcona Dive Site

Today I dove the Strathcona dive site just South of Deep Cove with Sean and Geoff. This was my first time diving at this particular location. The weather was subdued and it really did feel like the last day of summer vacation.

Our first encounter was with a guy on one of the nearby private docks. He waved to us and asked if we wouldn't mind looking for a pair of glasses that he ...

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My first blog entry

This is my very first blog entry on the new Vanapneist website. As I was developing the concept for the new website I thought it would be nice for club members to have their own blog if they want one.

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