Blackie Spit Underwater Cleanup

Five Vanapneists came out for yesterday's underwater cleanup at Blackie Spit. It was a very different experience from the previous weekend's cleanup. Both were positive but in very different ways.

Yesterday's cleanup had a lot more volunteers, a grand total of 60, including five of us freedivers. However the volume of garbage collected was quite a lot less. The shoreline cleanup picked up 60 lbs of garbage and we pulled up only 100 lbs from around the pier. There simply wasn't that much garbage around and many of the bigger items were encrusted with marine growth so we left those things where they were. In fact, all of the pilings and all of the bottom around the pier were completely covered with little white anemones, barnacles and breadcrumb sponge. The Blackie Spit pier has always been a good spot for marine life but neither Greg or I had seen it looking so healthy. It was really quite encouraging.

However, we did find a couple of bicycles, a smartphone, lots of fishing line, crab trap parts and bones left over from crab trapping.

As always, Margaret and the Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society welcomed us with open arms and fed us well. Big thanks to Greg, Nick, Todd and new member Tom Hoskin for coming out! There is talk of hitting the White Rock pier next year.