Ogden Point Breakwater Dive

On June 4th I walked on to the ferry again, this time to meet up with Paul to Dive the Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria. This taking transit and walking on is a cost-effective, albeit very time-consuming way to get to some good dive spots. This time we were met at the dive site by Tony from Victoria and David who came all the way from Campbell River.

The conditions that day were fabulous. This was one of the first summery days of the year and the water was as flat as a swimming pool. On the walk out along the breakwater we asked some exiting scuba divers about the visibility. They reported 3 metres, which is not great but what could be expected at this time of year.

We got in short of the second bend, slowly worked our way to the bend and then back towards shore. My dive computer died on me shortly after getting in so I have no record of the depths but I don't think I made it any deeper than 12 metres. The visibility quickly deteriorated at depth and I was mainly there to photograph the kelp forest. The noon sun made for some good available light shots as you can see below.