Strathcona Dive Site

Today I dove the Strathcona dive site just South of Deep Cove with Sean and Geoff. This was my first time diving at this particular location. The weather was subdued and it really did feel like the last day of summer vacation.

Our first encounter was with a guy on one of the nearby private docks. He waved to us and asked if we wouldn't mind looking for a pair of glasses that he had lost overboard the week before. Of course, being divers, we jumped at the opportunity to use our special powers to look for things underwater. I got lucky on my first dive and found the glasses almost right away. For my efforts, the owner offered me a bottle of wine. :-)

We continued on our dive, crossing over to the North side of the nearby island. At the very end of the island is a flat rock cliff which continues straight down underwater. This is by far the deepest part of the dive, bottoming out to a white sand bottom at 16m. Unfortunately, this is where the current is the strongest. I would swim upstream to start most of my dives near one end of the cliff and end up surfacing close to the other end. I was glad to have my Aqueon as there was a lot of swimming involved.

The bottom was fairly typical Indian Arm with lots of sea stars, crabs and shrimp with a few scattered plumouse anemones. I also saw a big telia anemone. On the way back we swam over a pretty substantial eelgrass bed. Nice to see in an area with so many docks and boats.

The map below shows the location of the dive site and where we went.

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