First annual tough old bastards in horrible conditions freedive

Normally the weekend before Halloween marks the club's annual underwater pumpkin carving contest. However, interest in carving pumpkins was a bit on the light side this year. The weather forecast was also not looking good at all and I very nearly canceled the dive. At the last minute the dive plan came together, largely sans-pumpkins and I called it 'The First Annual Tough Old Bastards in Horrible Conditions Freedive'.

As it turns out, all of us have known parentage and the conditions weren't all that horrible but together the four of us who got in the water do represent the tough old hard core of the Vancouver Apneist Club. Greg is the hardest of the hardcore. He's in for anything and was wearing his 3mm golden suit on this cold October day.

After such a dire weather forecast, we were relieved to have only light rain at the start and light winds as well. We were especially delighted to have such good visibility underwater. It was as good as 10m when we got in, far better than the other two times I had been there, such a treat for photography. You can see some photos from the day below: