January dive at Whytecliff

On January 9th, Jen, Todd and I braved the rain and wind and went for a dive at Whytecliff. Despite the weather warnings, the rain and wind held off for the most part and the seas were relatively calm. Very shortly after we got in the water a seal joined us and stayed on as our fourth buddy for the rest of our time in the water. Jen and I both had our cameras and spent most of our time trying to get a good photo of the seal as it played around us underwater. Finally, just as my camera battery was about to die, I descended to find the seal on the bottom, lying still and watching me. It didn't flinch as I swam carefully towards it and got my camera into position. It also didn't seem fazed by the flash. It was the last photo that my camera would let me take but it was a great way to end a fun dive.