Club Calendars Printed and Ready for Sale and Delivery

The winners of our third annual calendar photo contest have been determined. The calendar is now hot off the press and all paid up members will now get a free copy. We have a few extra printed up so if you want to get a calendar with your membership then it's not too late. Just go to the membership page and use the PayPal button.

If you just want a calendar or want extras for family and friends then they are available for $15 each (includes postage) or $12 (pick-up or other arrangement). Just use the PayPal buttons below:

Calendar with postage

Calendar without postage

Here's a preview of the photos that will be in the calendar:

Bad Attitude

Seal at Whytecliff Park

Anemone at Ogden Point

Anemones in Skookumchuk Narrows

Jen decorates the Christmas tree

Sea Star at Ogden Point

Sunflower star eating snail eggs at Whytecliff Park

Ochre star in fuchus, Hornby Island

Ogden Point Anemone

Fish in the Kelp Forest at Ogden Point

Ling Cod baring his teeth

Red Urchin Under Attack