Blackie Spit Underwater Cleanup

On Sept 21 /08 the Vancouver Apneist Club teamed up with Ocean Pro Divers, the Friends of Semiahmoo Bay and a few other volunteer groups in a joint effort to clean up Blackie Spit.

Everyone met at 10:00am when registration with free coffee started. After that the organic cotton t-shirts and lunch tickets were handed out. In water time wasn't until 12:00 so there was enough time to check out the dive site, it had fairly shallow depths and decent visibility- a lot better than expected.

Everyone was briefed by the Semiahmoo group and the Vancouver Aquarium then there was a separate briefing for divers lead by Shannon Kozak at Ocean Pro Divers. After that everyone buddied up, got their gear on and hopped in the water.

The freedivers spread out in their teams around and along the pier and by the shoreline. A lot of garbage was brought up by the scuba divers and freedivers including a couple of children's bicycles, wheel barrows, kitchen sink, table, muffler, car battery, mysterious tank, crab traps, wrappers, drink containers, sunglasses, ect. Even though there was garbage to be found Blackie Spit was an enjoyable dive site with a lot of marine life.

Photos from the day can be found in these locations: