Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear do I need?

For our waters you need a full freediving wetsuit with hood, boots and gloves, preferably 5mm or thicker. In our waters, having a good wetsuit that will keep you warm is an important safety measure. You will also need a mask and snorkel and a weight belt. You can start with a wetsuit not specifically made for freediving but it will be colder and more difficult to dive with. Wetsuits specific for freediving commonly have a lining on the outside, but none on the inside. Because they have no lining on the inside they are easier to move in and much warmer.

What do I need to come dive with you?

The gear mentioned above, and a freediving certification.

Why do I need a certification? I can already dive.

You need a certification so that we know you can save your diving buddy in case of a blackout, and so that we know you are aware of the dangers of freediving. Blackouts (loss of consciousness) in the water are perhaps uncommon, but they are still common enough that you need to know how to react if one happens.

Where do I get certified?

In Vancouver check out Performance Freediving, Oceanoid or go to warmer waters and search for other agencies (FII, AIDA, PADI, SSI and so forth). We do not certify people.

How often do you dive?

About twice a week in the summer, and once a week in the winter, a few of us will organize our own dives through our forum or by email. We also have half a dozen organized club dives per year.

When is your next pool session?

We have no pool sessions booked. Pool sessions were typically during the winter and early spring but we had none in 2017. As a club, we have been gradually becoming more oriented towards open water local diving.