Pre-Christmas Mid-Island Dive: Neck Point Park Revistied

Gaia decided to smile on Canadian North-Pacific Freediving community, Saturday, Dec. 08 & turned down the "Fans", which she'd had blowing: if not over Juan-de-Fuca Straight, then @ least Georgia Straight, seemingly every Weekend this Fall.

Dave Denz & I took full advantage of "Ms. G's" beatific side, following through on one version of dive-plan aimed @ Neck Point Park, Nanaimo.

Air-temp. notwithstanding (about 6+ C), conditions were almost perfect: "a mix of Sun & Cloud", Wind fairly ...

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2013 Calendar Photo Contest

These are photos in our annual underwater photo contest. The 12 top ranked photos will make it into our 2013 calendar that we give out to our members. Be sure to click on each photo to give it your ranking out of five stars.

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Tough Old Bastards Dive: An Ordinary Member's Perspective

Well, pre-A.G.M. Dive happened, I made it & I'm glad I did....

Folks who showed up were neither illegitimate--nor really old (young @ Heart, eh?). Attending were: Tom Hoskin, Greg Fee, Tom Lightfoot & myself. Conditions, when we finally arrived, changed & entered, weren't that bad.

Biggest environmental issue was Wind: from some Northerly quarter, making long-period waves (rollers?), about 15 - 20 cm amplitude--"blech". Such is life...Rain had fizzled to a drizzle & changing ...

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First annual tough old bastards in horrible conditions freedive

Normally the weekend before Halloween marks the club's annual underwater pumpkin carving contest. However, interest in carving pumpkins was a bit on the light side this year. The weather forecast was also not looking good at all and I very nearly canceled the dive. At the last minute the dive plan came together, largely sans-pumpkins and I called it 'The First Annual Tough Old Bastards in Horrible Conditions Freedive'.

As it turns out, all ...

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Blackie Spit Underwater Cleanup 2012

On September 22, five freedivers from the Vancouver Apneist Club helped the Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society with their underwater and shoreline cleanup at Blackie Spit.

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Bowen Island Underwater Cleanup 2012

Photos from the 2012 Dive Against Debris in Manion Bay, Bowen Island.

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Blackie Spit Underwater Cleanup

Five Vanapneists came out for yesterday's underwater cleanup at Blackie Spit. It was a very different experience from the previous weekend's cleanup. Both were positive but in very different ways.

Yesterday's cleanup had a lot more volunteers, a grand total of 60, including five of us freedivers. However the volume of garbage collected was quite a lot less. The shoreline cleanup picked up 60 lbs of garbage and we pulled up only ...

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Bowen Island Dive Against Debris

Yesterday's Dive Against Debris on Bowen Island was a big success. There were 8 scuba divers who came out, three or four kayaks and three or four power boats. The Vanapneist contingent consisted of Sean Smith on kayak and Greg and myself in the water. We all walked on to the ferry with Sean's kayak on wheels. The whole event pulled over 1400 lbs of garbage from Manion Bay.

Greg and I were ...

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Dive Report: Lingcod Egg Mass Survey Dive #2

The Vancouver Aquarium Lingcod Egg Mass Survey is over for another year, but on March 4 Tom, Paul and I went out for one last look for eggs. Paul's car co-operated and he made the long car-ferry-bus-train-carpool trip to Porteau. If all club members put as much effort into making a dive happen as our members on the island we could probably charter a boat once a month. In any case it's great ...

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Dive Report: Lingcod Egg Mass Survey Dive #1

This past weekend, Murat, Greg, David Denz and myself got in the water for a little cold water snorkeling in the form of a Lingcod egg mass survey dive at Porteau. Paul Lescarmure was slated to join us, but car trouble meant he was unable to catch the early ferry required to make it over to us in time.

We were treated to a beautiful winter dive day. Air temps were up near 10 degrees ...

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