2018 Mayne Island Eelgrass Survey

This was the Vanapneist Club's 10th year of doing eelgrass surveys on Mayne Island. It was also our third year of mapping Horton Bay, one of three bays we survey in a three-bay cycle.

As usual, the weather was fantastic but unfortunately, the visibility was not. Heavy rains in BC's interior had increased runoff from the Fraser River to surround Mayne Island, reducing visibility to less than a metre. It slowed us down and for the first time, we were not able to cover the entire bay this weekend.

Big thanks to our Vanapneist divers who came out for this weekend of eelgrass surveying, Olli, Peter, Aya, Smail, Charles, Luca and Tom. Also to Heather for photography and Leanna, Rob, Eleanor and Kelly from the Mayne Island Conservancy.