My first dive of the season: Roche Lake in October?!

The summer was fresh and laid out before me, but alas, on July 5th I went to the rockclimbing gym and got in maybe 4 bouldering routes to warm up and ended up rolling my ankle on a bad landing. I was off my foot for the most part of that month, and lost 75% of my ankle strength and flexibility for the rest of the summer.

Off work, all that spare time and I was unable to dive!

I ended up missing out on the annual Deeperblue gathering at Telegraph Cove, as well as any other recreational diving to be had with friends and acquaintances!

Finally, near the start of October (after CT scans had determined that I just had some ligament damage -no bone damage, thankfully- and some physio to get things back towards normal) I packed up my dive kit and headed out to Roche Lake where some friends were going to be fly/rod fishing. I wasn't sure I'd see or be able to do much, but to my delight, I ended up swimming across the lake (in bi fins) towards a little island that had nice underwater rock formations. There, I managed to dive to about 20ft. Most importantly, I was happy to be covered in neoprene and getting wet again!!

Looking forward to keeping this blog as a journal of my own recovery and activities here in Kamloops, and can't wait to visit the coast for some dives as soon as I can!