Capilano River Salmon Dive

On October 11th, five members of the Vancouver Apneist Club slipped into the Capilano River to view the salmon run. Despite the relatively poor visibility, we were able to see a large number of chinook and coho salmon. This was the first time for most of us in the Capilano. We found that the best way to view the salmon was to descend as quietly as possible down to the river bottom and then hold on to a rock until the fish came around to us. They make a rapid thumping sound as they swim, probably from their swim bladders, so it was typical to hear them before seeing them.

There weren't many dead fish in the river yet but there certainly were a lot of lost fishing lures and weights, along with quite a bit of fishing line. Definitely a hazard to be wary of.

The video below gives some kind of a feeling of what it is like to be surrounded by salmon.

For more photos of the dive, have a look at the photo gallery.

Special thanks to Andrew Hogan for coming up with the idea and researching a plan.