Calendar Photo Contest

The Vancouver Apneist Club is having its third annual underwater photo contest. The competition gallery is now open for submissions. The submission deadline is November 7th and voting ends on the 14th so that we have time to have the calendars made up for the beginning of December.

All club members who are paid up by November 21st get a 'free' calendar. We'll have some extras printed for purchase. The calendars make great gifts for the holiday season.

All submitted photos should be made while breath-hold diving. Only paid up members with an ID on this site can submit photos. To vote, click on a photo thumbnail to see it in full size. You'll see a five star icon below the photo. Just click on the number of stars you think the photo is worth. The 12 top ranked photos will make it into the calendar.

Have a look at our contest galleries from 2010 and 2009.