Dive Report: Lingcod Egg Mass Survey Dive #1

This past weekend, Murat, Greg, David Denz and myself got in the water for a little cold water snorkeling in the form of a Lingcod egg mass survey dive at Porteau. Paul Lescarmure was slated to join us, but car trouble meant he was unable to catch the early ferry required to make it over to us in time.

We were treated to a beautiful winter dive day. Air temps were up near 10 degrees C and the forecast rain managed to hold off. Visibility was good at nearly 8m and the water was a balmy 6 degrees. We were in the water for almost an hour total and in that time we managed to dive the artificial reef, the Granthal and the Centennial III. Sadly, we saw no Lingcod egg masses. In fact we didn't see very many Lingcod at all, and those we did see looked pretty lonely. Manfred reported seeing eggs in January so perhaps it was a slightly earlier spawn this year. Other scuba divers we saw in the parking lot reported seeing some eggs, but they said they were pretty well hidden. Maybe next year I'll leave the slate behind and bring a flashlight. It's not like I had a great deal of data to record.

Next weekend we have another dive scheduled for Whytecliff Park. Generally speaking there isn't as much good egg laying real estate in that area so we don't anticipate seeing many eggs there, but we have in the past so we'll give it another try. Typically Tom Lightfoot seems to have the most luck finding these sorts of things so perhaps we can twist his arm and get him to show us the way. Even if we don't see any eggs it's still a fun dive. We're planning to drift around from a neighbouring beach with the running tide and it kind of feels like riding a bike downhill.