Tough Old Bastards Dive: An Ordinary Member's Perspective

Well, pre-A.G.M. Dive happened, I made it & I'm glad I did....

Folks who showed up were neither illegitimate--nor really old (young @ Heart, eh?). Attending were: Tom Hoskin, Greg Fee, Tom Lightfoot & myself. Conditions, when we finally arrived, changed & entered, weren't that bad.

Biggest environmental issue was Wind: from some Northerly quarter, making long-period waves (rollers?), about 15 - 20 cm amplitude--"blech". Such is life...Rain had fizzled to a drizzle & changing, under Cedar trees, while uncomfortable, wasn't too bad.

Flooding tide, nominally from South (mouth of Howe Sound--but convoluted by local geography) wasn't a big deal. Did one drop @ 12:34 (almost @ end) that I felt was skewed off-vertical @ depth, presumably by increasing current & which I cut short. Following drop went O.K., W/R/T ambient current.

We got in @ 11:30-ish & were out by 12:40-something. That's roughly 70 min-i.e. we were in H2O 2 hours after low-H2O slack-point...I'd expected worse. But, we dove ~25 m from shore...

Viz: H2O clarity was almost crystalline...Um, clarity resembled Ogden Point Marine Park, in the Winter ;-) I could view my buddy, down to (roughly) -10 metres.

We ended up diving an area colloquially known as "The Cut"--an above & below-water re-entrant (gully?) offering--together with the U/W slopes of nearby Islets--a plethora of "walls"...Steep underwater slopes, These included "The Wall", a spot "around the corner" from North-side of main cut (entry point), said to offer depths of -30 m a short swim from shore.

I'd issues: H2O in mask (under nose--probably grooming issue) H2O in suit (like its owner, it's getting old), cold hands, cold feet (mostly @ end), fatigue (I'd 2 hours sleep, prior to trip over--don't ask...), started with high background lactic acid levels in leg muscles..But considering all negatives, I did several good, safe drops, quite deep enough to make sure E.Q. technique's working well (:-)), see some critters & re-connect with Ocean.

Tom Hoskin actually carved the 1 pumpkin we brought:-) Tom L. et al tried the "U/W pumpkin Implosion" gig--with mixed results. I'll leave it to others to chime in with their observations & anecdotes.

"A bad day diving beats a good day @ the office" & this was an all-right day of diving--under slowly brightening conditions :-) This dive, like that @ Bedwell Harbor last year, confirms the practicality & worth of Freediving in Canadian North Pacific--outside peak Summertime hours! We can (almost) dive all year 'round & there's always something to see.

--Paul Lescarmure