Pre-Christmas Mid-Island Dive: Neck Point Park Revistied

Gaia decided to smile on Canadian North-Pacific Freediving community, Saturday, Dec. 08 & turned down the "Fans", which she'd had blowing: if not over Juan-de-Fuca Straight, then @ least Georgia Straight, seemingly every Weekend this Fall.

Dave Denz & I took full advantage of "Ms. G's" beatific side, following through on one version of dive-plan aimed @ Neck Point Park, Nanaimo.

Air-temp. notwithstanding (about 6+ C), conditions were almost perfect: "a mix of Sun & Cloud", Wind fairly light, a high-H2O slack occurring @ perfectly reasonable time of 12:18.

Despite mild Wind (relatively speaking--it can get much worse, here) we elected to dive in relatively close-in & shallow Indian Beach area.