A winter dive at Porteau Cove

One available and brave taker to our invitation to dive Porteau Cove on Sunday Jan. 26, 2014 - Jaap - who self-identified as 'novice' but that certainly didn't apply to his spirit...or to what I saw in his diving either. So it was me, Jayne, and Jaap on one of the nicest winter days (=blue sky, no wind). Both sea and air seemed to be around 6 or 7C. Visibility was great. Diving without waves sure contributes to a sense of relaxation and we had comfortable dives down to the Granthall and Centennial. My 3mm wetsuit kept me warm enough for about an hour, but it would have not been wise to stay out longer. While I already know that one can wrongly drive in a drunken stupor, I learned that one can also wrongly drive in a frozen stupor and next time I'll warm up a little more before getting behind the wheel. I guess I've been out of Saskatchewan for too long. The mochas at Delany's on Denman afterward really hit the spot.